Old Blockbuster Video now a dentists office


We helped turn this old Blockbuster Video in Plant City, FL into a beautiful new dentists office. We removed all of the old Blockbuster graphics from the exterior and installed energy-saving window film on all of the windows. The film reduces glare, adds privacy, and rejects heat, all while leaving the look of the building unchanged. Looks Great!

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Precision Safety Films Adds Energy Saving Commercial Window Film to its Inventory

Tampa Window TintTampa-based Precision Safety Films is excited to announce that it has added a highly efficient commercial window film to its line of window film applications.

Commercial window film creates a work environment that is productive and comfortable. This is achieved through the reduction of light glare that can result from unprotected windows. Sunlight that is unfiltered can also cause retinal damage.

Precision Safety Films considers a number of factors when providing customers with a quality product and those are: building cost maintenance, commercial property maintenance, and property margins. The commercial window tint addresses these through energy savings, but it doesn’t stop there.

If office equipment is near an unprotected window, the UV-ray exposure can contribute to equipment degradation and can damage the building fixtures through heat exposure and fading.

What Precision Safety Films is offering is commercial window tint that protects the interior of the property, but it also adds to the appearance of the exterior. The property is given appeal that is much more recognizable and desirable.

The film also comes with benefits that allow it to pay for itself time and time again. It has been shown that the benefits pay for the cost of the film and application in a relatively short period of time. Not only is this because of the energy savings, but it is because of the building preservation it promotes. The preservation of any interior elements that may be directly impacted by sunlight saves money.

Office equipment, carpets, and building fixtures all last longer. These items, which are expensive, do not have to be prematurely replaced when they are properly taken care of. By not having to replace prematurely, office hardware, office furniture, and carpets can fulfill their intended life spans.

For over 10 years, Precision Safety Films, based out of Tampa, Florida, has understood the needs of homeowners and businesses when it comes to windows. This understanding has led to company growth and expansion as it has provided solutions to some of the most common problems. The main problem that has been solved is constant sun exposure while indoors.

There are also many shades available since there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That way, customers can have the look, feel, and level of light that they want. The end result is a window that is much stronger and will stand up to some of the harshest weather conditions. This makes it both functional and attractive.

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