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Window film protects both you and your home from the damaging effects of the sun. Keeping the heat out and blocking harmful UV rays will help lower utility bills and will also extend the life of furnishings. Cutting annoying glare makes rooms more comfortable and enhances views.

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Safety and Security Film provides many benefits to homeowners and commercial properties. Our films keep broken glass together after the window breaks. With a Precision Safety Films installation, your home will have year round, 24/7 protection from the elements and an added layer of security for your family and belongings.

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Window tinting can give your home or office privacy while also blocking UV, and keeping the heat out. Our interior decorative commercial film solutions can provide privacy for glass enclosed office suites and conference rooms limiting distractions and making otherwise not useful public areas private.

For over 20 years Precision Safety Films has been helping Tampa Bay area residents protect their homes and businesses from the harmful effects of the sun. We specialize in the sales and installation of the world’s finest window film products and we’re here to help you find the right window film solution for your project. Whether you need to protect furnishings from harmful UV rays, keep the suns intense heat out, or add an additional layer of protection to your buildings most vulnerable entry points, Precision Safety Films is here to help.

At Precision Safety Films we specialize in problem solving for our clients. We have been installing home window tinting and commercial window tinting on houses and buildings across the Tampa Bay area since 2006. During this time we have served thousands of homeowners and businesses helping them to significantly reduce the amount of heat, UV, and glare entering their buildings. Less heat means less air conditioning gets used, which can mean big savings on your power bill.

Our customers are also concerned with sun damage and fading caused from over exposure to the suns harmful UV rays. Over the years, many homeowners have expressed concern about flooring, furnishings, and artwork that are being damaged by the sun. Our clients will move an area rug a few feet and notice that the sun has actually faded their hardwood flooring to a point beyond repair. It is at this point that we regret to tell them that this could have been avoided by installing window tinting with UV rejecting properties from Precision Safety Films. From completely clear film to the darkest window tinting, PSF can help you find the right film to help prolong the lifespan of your valuables.

The glass in your windows and doors is the weakest point in the security of your home or business. We are here to help you rectify that. Precision Safety Films is the local leader in installing Safety and Security Window Film. Our clients have been sleeping easier knowing that they have an additional layer of protection on their vulnerable glass doors and windows. Our Safety and Security window tinting holds broken glass together and in place should your window ever break, making it much more difficult for intruders or burglars to enter your home or commercial property.

Whether you need to keep the heat out of a building, add privacy to your home, or protect your vulnerable glass doors or windows, we would be happy to provide you with an estimate. Our philosophy at Precision Safety Films is based on the belief that if you treat the clients home or business as if it is your own, you will always end up with happy customers. We never sell to our clients. We listen and find solutions. We pride ourselves in our product knowledge and professionalism and hope that you will give us a chance to estimate your projects and add you to our long list of happy customers!