Anti-fog window tintingWe’ve all wondered how we can prevent that pesky condensation from appearing on our windows, it’s just something that bothers the average person. Many businesses don’t like this as well, as condensation on the window can give off a bad vibe regarding a company’s appearance. If you’re in the retail business this could prevent clients from purchasing your products, or even from using your service in general if you’re in the hospitality field. Madico Industries has taken it upon themselves to cure these “business ailments”, and all they needed to do was develop their brand new Anti-Fog film!

Transparent surfaces are usually the ones to be dealing with this problem, but water condensation is treatable these days. Madico is currently one of the most reputable companies to manufacture solar and safety (amongst other things) window films. The Anti-Fog development is relatively new, which is why businesses are taking it upon themselves to implement these new films.

The Anti-Fog film was originally designed to help out devices and applications that need a continuous amount of clarity regarding their transparent surfaces. Transparent surfaces are at risk when it comes to condensation, which is where water vapours collect together and create water droplets on a particular glass surface (or in some cases plastic). These droplets can give your windows that dirty, mucky look that no business would want to put out there; the droplets themselves are to blame for this problem.

How does Anti-Fog Film Work?

The film coating that many businesses have been raving about is actually pretty simple in its own right. The technology makes use of a permanent hydrophilic layer of coating, which as a result lowers the surface tension being put onto the glass. This means that whenever condensation occurs it will be a lot more “clean”, as the droplets will spread into such a thin layer that they will barely be noticeable.

Madico took it upon themselves to do a bit of research and testing, one of the tests was regarding freezer glass. They had the freezer glass in a lab so that they could accurately process the data they received, and the results were quite astounding. Madico realized that it took about 18 minutes for a regular glass pane to clear of its fog; that is until they used the Madico Anti-Fog film on it (in which case it only took one minute to clear up completely!).

Seeing as this new technology applies to just about every glass surface you really can’t go wrong with it. Everybody has had their glass panes in a freezer become murky and unclear, and most businesses have had to deal with unappealing windows throughout their tenures. It may not seem that important now, but windows can represent a lot about a person or a company, which is why you should always be taking care of them as efficiently as you possibly could. You never know when you’re going to need clear windows, so why not just keep them clear all of the time? To learn more about this breakthrough development contact Precision Safety Films, the leader in window film tinting installation in Tampa Bay area.

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