Precision Safety Films is the Tampa Bay area’s source for Anti-Graffiti Window Film. We have helped many commercial clients protect their windows and mirrors from vandals intent on causing damage. Anti-Graffiti Film is a film that is installed on the exterior of commercial buildings to protect glass from being damaged by graffiti, acid etching, or tagging .

Graffiti is a common problem in urban environments. Vandals will use a variety of methods to add their unwanted artwork to your commercial property. The most common forms of graffiti involve spray painting, acid etching, or the use of sharp implements to scratch glass. The fast removal or repair of graffiti is essential. Buildings where graffiti is not removed or repaired quickly often find themselves the victim of repeated attacks.

The resulting damage done to the glass on your commercial property can cost thousands to fix. The installation of anti-graffiti film can minimize your exposure to the types of emergency glass replacement scenarios that will result if you leave your glass untreated. Vandals will often use profanity, or offensive messages in their graffiti. These messages will need to be removed immediately in order not to offend customers. This can be costly and time consuming.

Anti-Graffiti Film is installed on the exterior of the glass. It is optically clear and once installed it is nearly invisible. Once damaged by a vandal, it is easily removed leaving undamaged glass underneath. Buildings in areas where graffiti is a problem will immediately see the benefits of an anti-graffiti film installation.

A small building with clear film