Residential Window Tinting by PSFWindows are one of the best features of any house. Apart from brightening up the room with sunlight, it allows people to have a view of the world outside. Upgrading windows have become a common feature these days as different styles and designs of windows are coming up almost every day. However, residential window tinting is a new feature that is increasingly gaining popularity among several households. Apart from protecting privacy from nosy neighbors, it offers a wide range of benefits. It reduces heat to a considerable extent and helps to protect other investments of the house. Furniture, curtains as well as flooring falls victim to the heat of the sun. As a result of that, the color of the valuable investments in the house gradually fades with the passage of time.

Ultraviolet light from the sun’s rays can cause quite a lot of damage which can easily be protected with the help of residential window tinting. In order to keep the decorations and home furnishings looking their best, tinted window with good percentage of ultraviolet light rejection is definitely the best choice. Some of the advanced window tints developed by renowned manufacturing companies like metalized or ceramic are capable of blocking the harmful ultraviolet rays up to 99%. Apart from all these benefits, tinted windows add another layer of elegance and style to the house. Depending on the preferences, a home owner can choose any hue which could be light as day, dark as night or something in between.

Ultraviolet light apart from fading the furniture in the house can also affect the health of a person. Studies have proven that ultraviolet light contributes a lot towards skin tan and even cancer. Reports from Department of Health and Human Services have proved that ultraviolet rays are definitely a human carcinogen. Recommendations from Skin Cancer Foundation have been provided to different several types of residential window tinting. The major benefit offered by some of the window films is shatter resistance. The film has the ability to hold shards of glass together which acts as a barrier between the glass and the interior of the house.

One of the major reasons behind replacing windows is cutting down on gas and electric bills. Replacing thinner, old windows with advanced tinted windows help in regulating milder temperature inside the house. On hot summer days these tinted windows maintain a cooler temperature inside the house without the need to turn on the air conditioner. The residential window tinting also serves the important purpose of reducing the glare while watching television. For people working on computers, the same problem arises which makes it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. Tinted windows have the capability to reduce the glare of the sun to a huge extent and make it easier to watch television or work on computers. Majority of window films come with at least five years of warranty while there some that come with lifetime warranties. The tinted windows can be easily cleaned with water solutions, vinegar, etc. but manufacturers always recommend avoiding use of abrasives.

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