Precision Safety Films has been installing specialty and decorative film since our inception in 2006. We have installed a wide variety of specialty films over the years and continue to do so regularly for our clients. The main specialty films we install are designed to add privacy or a decorative touch to otherwise clear glass.

Window frosting is a popular specialty window film. We are often asked to add frosted window films to bathroom windows to add privacy. Our frosted films are private, but still let light in. We also install frosted films at commercial properties. It is very common to use frosted window film on interior glass in offices to add privacy and a professional appearance to interior glass.

Blackout and Whiteout films are also popular choices. We can take any piece of glass and give it a matte black or white finish. This is a popular choice for commercial clients looking to completely privatize areas of their building that are currently easily viewed through clear glass. The installation of an opaque window film can solve visibility issues for far less than replacing glass.

Decorative films come in a variety of colors and patterns. We have access to literally thousands of different types of colors and patterns and are confident that we can help you find the perfect film to compliment your home or commercial property.

A door with specialty film