Tamps Window Tinting

Another TECO customer gets a huge window film rebate. This customer got a $605 rebate check from TECO for installing energy-saving window film.

When you think about making modifications to your home, you might think primarily of improving your living conditions. However, you should also factor in improvements that are going to save you money over the long haul. Nowadays, most improvements also save energy. You can feel good knowing you’ll be improving the environment and reducing your monthly bottom line at the same time. One way to accomplish this is through residential window tinting.

When you invest in residential window tinting, you are automatically taking part in an energy-saving program. In fact, it’s likely you’ll receive money-back rebates as a part of this investment from the state or federal governments. This drops the initial cost down considerably, making it much more affordable for the average person. Often, you can receive a free audit to see how much energy your home currently uses and how much window tint will save you should you decide to have it installed.

When you call to have a professional installer come out to your home, do your due diligence. This means asking for credentials and verifying them before you let anyone come into your home. Sometimes, people saying they are affiliates or partners of reputable companies will call or physically go to homes and request to come inside to do an audit, but please don’t let anyone in your home without first seeing some identification. Even if this means contacting the company they say they are associated with directly to confirm it, do so. It is worth the effort to protect your safety.

The great thing about residential window tinting is it’s just one part of the larger energy savings picture. You can do so much to save energy throughout your home from replacing the lightbulbs to energy efficient ones to installing a water heater that saves water. But rest assured, with window tint, you’ll keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This means you’ll save on heating and cooling costs. Plus, you’ll experience the added benefit of keeping your furniture and flooring in good condition–it won’t warp or fade due to sun exposure.

Finally, if you have the option to save energy and money at the same time by investing in something as simple as residential window tinting, why wouldn’t you do it? It’s a move that just makes sense for homeowners everywhere.