How Useful Are Tinted Windows in the Home?

How Useful Are Tinted Windows in the Home?Your home is a place that lets you relax when you need it most, and being safe in your own home is one of the many problems you need to tackle. We’re not talking about burglars or even any type of criminal in general, we’re just talking about the sun. The sun inflicts UV rays upon us all of the time, and limiting the exposure we receive to these rays is a critical process. This is where window tinting would come in handy, because they actually improve your home in many different ways (and not just protecting you and your property from UV rays). Having an extra layer of security is always a great way to secure your peace of mind, and this is the case when it comes to windows as well. We’ve all been sitting near a window and wished that the tint on it was just a little bit darker, and in reality it’s never been easier to make use of window tinting than it is today.

These window films are going to allow you to get things done, so whether you want a specific room that’s dedicated to low-light reading (meaning you don’t want as much light to make its way into the room) this particular type of window film would be the most ideal choice. It not only takes away light when you want it to, but it will also keep your home cooler (and hotter) accordingly. This means you’ll be able to save a bit of money on your utility bill when it finally comes in, and saving money is an enjoyable feat to handle all around.

If you have young children in your home this would be an ideal thing to get into as well, because protecting your child (or anybody else’s child for that matter) should be a number one priority within your household. Children being exposed to UV rays are put at risk for a plethora of different ailments, and there are even developmental problems that could occur due to this. There are so many different reasons to get your home windows tinted that it’d be pretty silly to pass up an opportunity like this, and to make sure that you’re satisfied with the end result you’ll need to look into the process a bit deeper (understanding it will help you get the best out of any service).

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The Many Benefits of Window UV Film Tinting

UV Film TintingWe all know how dangerous UV rays can be to our skin, and as a result people are taking precautions. Not only that, but some people just want to have a room in their house that is much darker than others (but still maintaining a full wall window). Sun damage to your skin is a real risk, and it’s one that inflicts itself upon an abundance of people every single year. When it comes to the preservation of your skin (and even your home), a UV window film is exactly what you should be looking into. If you’re somebody who has just redesigned the interior of their homes you might find this especially useful, as these UV films help keep your fabric colours and floors (carpet and wood) from dulling down.

Artwork is another thing that can be especially vulnerable to the sun, and it’s no surprise to see those who have large windows in their homes dealing with these consequences. UVA rays that seep their way through your windows are never a good thing, and that’s exactly why a UV window film is the perfect solution to any of your UVA related problems! One of the big burdens that come alongside these dangerous rays is the risk of cancer, and we all know how serious cancer can be.

It’s no joke when it comes to precautions regarding your health, and anybody you ask will definitely say that a UV window film would reduce the risk of contracting skin cancer. Dermatologists know what they’re talking about, and many of them have actually gone as far as recommending these films because of the risks associated with UV rays. The neat thing about these films is that they don’t change the look to your window at all, so it’s nothing like a tinted window of a car. You can still take in the scenery that you bought your house for in the first place, the only difference is that now you’ll be completely safe from the rays of the sun.

The preservation of your home should be important to you, and anybody who collects antique items (especially wood) would definitely see the benefits in purchasing this type of window film. Precautions occur in life all the time, so why not take a few when it comes to the sanctity of your home? Your skin is just as precious too, so it’s almost like you’re killing two birds with one stone making use of these UV films!

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All about Anti-Fog Film

Anti-fog window tintingWe’ve all wondered how we can prevent that pesky condensation from appearing on our windows, it’s just something that bothers the average person. Many businesses don’t like this as well, as condensation on the window can give off a bad vibe regarding a company’s appearance. If you’re in the retail business this could prevent clients from purchasing your products, or even from using your service in general if you’re in the hospitality field. Madico Industries has taken it upon themselves to cure these “business ailments”, and all they needed to do was develop their brand new Anti-Fog film!

Transparent surfaces are usually the ones to be dealing with this problem, but water condensation is treatable these days. Madico is currently one of the most reputable companies to manufacture solar and safety (amongst other things) window films. The Anti-Fog development is relatively new, which is why businesses are taking it upon themselves to implement these new films.

The Anti-Fog film was originally designed to help out devices and applications that need a continuous amount of clarity regarding their transparent surfaces. Transparent surfaces are at risk when it comes to condensation, which is where water vapours collect together and create water droplets on a particular glass surface (or in some cases plastic). These droplets can give your windows that dirty, mucky look that no business would want to put out there; the droplets themselves are to blame for this problem.

How does Anti-Fog Film Work?

The film coating that many businesses have been raving about is actually pretty simple in its own right. The technology makes use of a permanent hydrophilic layer of coating, which as a result lowers the surface tension being put onto the glass. This means that whenever condensation occurs it will be a lot more “clean”, as the droplets will spread into such a thin layer that they will barely be noticeable.

Madico took it upon themselves to do a bit of research and testing, one of the tests was regarding freezer glass. They had the freezer glass in a lab so that they could accurately process the data they received, and the results were quite astounding. Madico realized that it took about 18 minutes for a regular glass pane to clear of its fog; that is until they used the Madico Anti-Fog film on it (in which case it only took one minute to clear up completely!).

Seeing as this new technology applies to just about every glass surface you really can’t go wrong with it. Everybody has had their glass panes in a freezer become murky and unclear, and most businesses have had to deal with unappealing windows throughout their tenures. It may not seem that important now, but windows can represent a lot about a person or a company, which is why you should always be taking care of them as efficiently as you possibly could. You never know when you’re going to need clear windows, so why not just keep them clear all of the time? To learn more about this breakthrough development contact Precision Safety Films, the leader in window film tinting installation in Tampa Bay area.

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Can Window Film Do All That?

Home Window Tinting Window film has grown in popularity over the recent years and for good reason.

Window film is a major plus to any home or business.  It provides a variety of protection and energy efficiency that anyone can see when looking at the products available and what they’re designed to do.

Window film is basically a film that fits over any window in the home or structure.  It primarily protects against sunlight that can be harsh and damaging to furniture and art, carpeting, and other objects and wall paint.  The window film is specially made and treated and applied by a professional team.  When done right the look is very rewarding.  Not only does the window film protect against harmful ultra violet radiation but it also is an energy efficient application at that.

Sunlight and cold can creep through a window.  With window film that heat is cut drastically during the warm and hot months and keeps the heat in during those cool and cold months.  It’s like a form of light weight insulation that goes over windows instead of being placed inside walls.  Just one application and one can see astonishing results and thus save tons of money in energy costs.

Another feature is safety.  Window film holds glass together after an impact.  That errant baseball or storm that shatters a normal window won’t do the same with a window with window film applied because the film holds the glass together.  This prevents injury and allows for easier replacement.

Think of it this way, your home or business property is usually your biggest investment.  You want the best materials inside and out covering safety, durability, and aesthetics.  Window film can be a major part of all of that.  It’s easy to apply, lasts a long time, is easy to replace in no time and looks great.  It offers a special defusing of light that gives the place a serene sort of feeling.

All these benefits and more are available from window film.  Just take a look at the latest window film products and statistics and you’ll see that window film has had a dramatic impact on home efficiency and improvement.  People are saving money left and right and making their properties look good at the same time.

You can’t beat a combination like that so take a look at the value of window film and you’ll see the benefits.

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Residential Window Tinting in Tampa by Precision Safety Films

Precision Safety Films is the Tampa Bay area’s source for commercial and residential window tinting and safety and security window films. We offer our customers the highest quality sun control films made today. With a variety of different shades and tints available, you will be able to get the results you need and the look you want. Precision Safety Films can install your choice of any Solargard Sun Control Films, available in a wide variety of tint shades.

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Commercial office building window tinting in Tampa

We just finished tinting this office building near the airport in Tampa. The tenants needed relief from the heat and glare. We installed an energy saving window film that will keep them cool this summer and reduce the glare coming into the building. Looks great!

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Old Blockbuster Video now a dentists office


We helped turn this old Blockbuster Video in Plant City, FL into a beautiful new dentists office. We removed all of the old Blockbuster graphics from the exterior and installed energy-saving window film on all of the windows. The film reduces glare, adds privacy, and rejects heat, all while leaving the look of the building unchanged. Looks Great!

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Precision Safety Films Adds Energy Saving Commercial Window Film to its Inventory

Tampa Window TintTampa-based Precision Safety Films is excited to announce that it has added a highly efficient commercial window film to its line of window film applications.

Commercial window film creates a work environment that is productive and comfortable. This is achieved through the reduction of light glare that can result from unprotected windows. Sunlight that is unfiltered can also cause retinal damage.

Precision Safety Films considers a number of factors when providing customers with a quality product and those are: building cost maintenance, commercial property maintenance, and property margins. The commercial window tint addresses these through energy savings, but it doesn’t stop there.

If office equipment is near an unprotected window, the UV-ray exposure can contribute to equipment degradation and can damage the building fixtures through heat exposure and fading.

What Precision Safety Films is offering is commercial window tint that protects the interior of the property, but it also adds to the appearance of the exterior. The property is given appeal that is much more recognizable and desirable.

The film also comes with benefits that allow it to pay for itself time and time again. It has been shown that the benefits pay for the cost of the film and application in a relatively short period of time. Not only is this because of the energy savings, but it is because of the building preservation it promotes. The preservation of any interior elements that may be directly impacted by sunlight saves money.

Office equipment, carpets, and building fixtures all last longer. These items, which are expensive, do not have to be prematurely replaced when they are properly taken care of. By not having to replace prematurely, office hardware, office furniture, and carpets can fulfill their intended life spans.

For over 10 years, Precision Safety Films, based out of Tampa, Florida, has understood the needs of homeowners and businesses when it comes to windows. This understanding has led to company growth and expansion as it has provided solutions to some of the most common problems. The main problem that has been solved is constant sun exposure while indoors.

There are also many shades available since there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That way, customers can have the look, feel, and level of light that they want. The end result is a window that is much stronger and will stand up to some of the harshest weather conditions. This makes it both functional and attractive.

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Frosted Privacy Window Film

Frosted Privacy Window Film

We installed a frosted privacy film at this grocery store in St. Pete. The store wanted a more private area for their employee break room and offices. We were able to provide that by installing a frosted privacy film where they could see out, but customers couldn’t see in. Looks great!

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